Our Junior School – Prep to Year 6

Our youngest students’ learning is focused on building their oral language skills. This is achieved through our evidence based 3-tiered ‘Response to Intervention’ model, with Tier 1 intervention being the most consistently employed.

This intervention at the whole class level involves teachers and therapists integrating their unique expertise to support our learners collaboratively. Examples of this level of integration include daily Sounds-Write lessons, multimodal learning opportunities and the use of assistive technology to support children’s communication, language and literacy growth.

The ‘Learn to Play’ program and learning through play are key features of our Prep – Year 2 program. Led by our team of Occupational Therapists, Speech-Language Pathologists and Music Therapist, our play program builds our students’ language skills (including both social and narrative language) and develops their emotional capacity at the whole class level.

Learning through play is facilitated by our teaching team. This involves the design of purposeful learning opportunities that are curriculum rich and allow students to pose questions and build understanding and language through experience.

Learning encompasses all curriculum areas, including English, Mathematics, Science, Human and Social Science (HASS), the Arts, Health and Physical Education (HPE) and Technologies. All students are supported to access the curriculum through a diverse range of teaching and therapy-based strategies in and beyond the classroom.

student with blocks

Support Developmental Language Disorder Day

on #DLDday, Friday October 14th, 2022

14 October is Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) Awareness Day.
The 2022 DLDday theme is Growing with DLD, highlighting that DLD is a lifelong, permanent disability.