Our College

Mancel College fosters a holistic approach to delivering high-quality, differentiated and individualised learning, ensuring all students with a Language Disorder can achieve success.

We deliver the Australian Curriculum through evidence-based practice, encompassing contemporary approaches in both the educational and allied health disciplines.

Our multi-disciplinary team of teachers and allied health professionals plan and deliver lessons collaboratively, supporting individual student development. Each class is supported by a school assistant.

Early intervention in the acquisition of language is critical in building key competencies to support academic, social and emotional learning. Our classes are organised into age-appropriate bands and reflect a high adult-to-student ratio, with an average of 12 students in each class. This means we can cater to a variety of needs and abilities within bands and students are learning together with their same-age peers.

Our buildings, grounds and learning spaces are designed to be aesthetically appealing, functional, flexible and technology-focused. This provides our students with the exceptional opportunity to grow, develop and flourish as individuals and be part of a community we know as Mancel College.

Support Developmental Language Disorder Day

on #DLDday, Friday October 14th, 2022

14 October is Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) Awareness Day.
The 2022 DLDday theme is Growing with DLD, highlighting that DLD is a lifelong, permanent disability.