February 2024, Edition 1/2024

Belong – February 2024

, Edition 1/2024

From the CEO – Mark Yeowell

I warmly welcome all new and returning students, parents, and staff.

In this video, I highlight our recent Student Leadership Team assembly, where students received their badges and certificates. I also update you on the progress of our new building and the availability of Bright Door spots. Additionally, I provide more details on the upcoming Language Disorder Australia Gala Ball.

Thanks for being part of our wonderful community!

Peter Foster – Principal

We’re halfway through the term, and we have started it with lots of activities and changes and lots of extraordinary outcomes being achieved.

Here are some of the topics I covered in the video:

  • More details about changes in the Senior School, where students will start the day with our tutor groups.
  • Upcoming Design Technologies room and rooms already active in building Two.
  • The positive impact of the PS&F.
  • Upcoming Trivia Night on 20 April.
  • Cheers to a fantastic career expo.
  • Upcoming Colour Run event.

I wish everybody a wonderful last half of the term. We are more committed than ever to making Mancel College one of the best schools in Australia.

Jodi Dew – Deputy Principal – Education

It’s been a very busy start to the new school year with everyone hitting the ground running.

Students have settled back into classroom routines and new and exciting teaching programs and learning experiences are being introduced.

Please remember to check the calendar regularly for upcoming events; there are many opportunities for our community to be involved in these special events in coming months.

As always, if you have any questions, feedback, or concerns, please reach out to me.

To learn more about our Mini Woolies, our Drop Off Zone and our Individual Learning Plans, click the tabs below.

  • Mini Woolies

    One exciting new learning experience this year is our Mini Woolies. The Mini Woolies mimics a Woolworths store and will provide a practical and real-life, authentic learning environment for our students. The program is designed to increase opportunities for our students to build on their communication skills, numeracy and literacy skills and interpersonal skills, ultimately increasing their independence and confidence with these functional life skills.

    Students will learn real life skills equipping them with the knowledge of how a retail store works from the perspective of both a customer and a team member and crucially, the confidence to shop in store, assist with the transition to employment and potentially work in a retail environment. They will learn skills such as:

    • customer service skills
    • communication and interpersonal skills
    • critical thinking and problem solving
    • attention to detail
    • teamwork
    • money handling

    This week some students undertook register training, with the official launch of our Mini Woolies occurring next Tuesday, 5 March. Keep an eye out for photos on our Facebook page.

    Our Mini Woolies store has been brought to life in collaboration with Woolworths and Fujitsu and through the support of Tiffany Rylands, Coordinator of Pathways and Partnerships.

  • Drop Off Zone

    3.00pm traffic in the drop off zone can be challenging, and staff are rostered each day to help keep traffic flowing and make sure our students and your children are safe.

    How can you help us?

    • Ensure you have a name on your dashboard to allow us to quickly and efficiently facilitate getting the right child in the right car.
    • Keep moving forward to the front of the drop off zone to wait for your child.
    • Don’t allow your child to get in unless you are in the drop off zone.
    • Stay in your car and allow us to help your child into school or the car.
    • Drive around the block if you are not in the drop off zone so as not to block the road.
    • Check the guidelines emailed to all families a few weeks ago.
  • Individual Learning Plans


    Previously all students have had Individual Support Plan (ISP) and Individual Curriculum Plan (ICP) however this year we have combined both these plans into the one document. This year each student will have one plan called an Individual Learning Plan (ILP).


    The ILP meeting consists of a conversation between teachers and parents to:

    1.      Document the functional impact and outline the adjustments to be implemented for your child in the classroom and beyond. These adjustments are put in place across all areas.  Some are inclusive adjustments for all our students, whilst others are targeted to the individual student.

    2.     Identify and support the educational needs for each child in the general capabilities from the Australian Curriculum of Literacy, Numeracy and Personal and Social Capability.

    The ILP is prepared by the classroom teacher in collaboration with therapists in the Junior School and the tutor group mentor in collaboration with therapists and other subject teachers in the Senior School.


    From week 7 (beginning 4th March) to week 10 (beginning 22nd April) this term, teachers will meet with the parents of each child in their class to share their initial thoughts around the goals for the ILP. Discussion will take place about the goals, and they will be adjusted accordingly. Initial meetings will run for up to 30 minutes and a range of times will be available.

    The ILP will be shared with parents via email after the meeting and any feedback or adjustments can be made prior to finalisation. The majority of ILP’s will be finalised by the end of Week 2 in Term 2.

    Please look out for further communications from your child’s teacher or tutor mentor to book an ILP meeting time over the coming weeks.

    Students in 1/2 HW and 1/2 KB will follow a slightly different timeline due to staffing changes.

Amy Francesca – Deputy Principal – Allied Health

At Mancel College, our allied health team has been working tirelessly to design and implement our brand new Interoception Room. This is the first of its kind in Queensland schools. We are excited about the opportunity the space will provide to our students to learn about self-regulation and reading their bodies’ cues.

The room opened in week 5 of this term and we have already seen the students benefit in preparing themselves for learning. To celebrate the launch of the interoception room and develop the school community’s understanding of its purpose the interoception team, including Emily Rendell (physio therapist) Melissa Torres (occupational therapist), and Britney Evans-Mackay (music therapist) along with the Monica Gehrke (speech pathologist), Brett Scott (teacher) and Zane Strad (school assistant) created this short film entitled “Goldilocks and the Interoception room.”

Victoria Venter – Coordinator of Co-curricular

As we embark on another exciting year at Mancel College, we are thrilled with the breadth of our co-curricular activities. All these offers are designed to enrich the lives of our students and nurture their diverse talents and interests.

Here are some of our popular programs this term:

Run Club: Fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among students as they lace up their sneakers and hit the track together.

Sense Rugby: This unique program offers students of all abilities the chance to experience the joy of rugby in a safe and inclusive environment.

Choir: Our choir is now in full swing, providing opportunities for music learning, performance and camaraderie with peers. It also serves as an outstanding outlet for communication and expression.

Drama Club: A perfect platform for students to gain confidence, learn to communicate better and improve their social skills.

Chess Club: For those passionate about strategy, our Chess Club offers a platform to sharpen their minds and compete against fellow enthusiasts.

Dance Club: A lively outlet for students to express themselves through movement and rhythm.

Minecraft E-Sports Club: This exciting program promotes teamwork and strategic thinking in a virtual setting.

Yoga: Our program offers a serene sanctuary where students can relax, unwind, and cultivate mindfulness.

Mancel Fryer’s Club: Nurturing students to develop solid cooking skills in a fun and relaxed environment.

All-Abilities Blaster Cricket: Players of all ages, genders, and abilities can play our Cricket in a fun and fully inclusive environment.

Weights Club: The program is designed to improve our students’ physical fitness and strength.

We encourage all students to explore these exciting opportunities and discover new passions and talents. Here’s to a year filled with growth, discovery, and endless possibilities!

PS&F – Sarah Walter – President 

Upcoming PS&F events:

Colour Run

Trivia Night

To keep up to date visit our website page and join our facebook group.

Support Developmental Language Disorder Day

on #DLDday, Friday October 14th, 2022

14 October is Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) Awareness Day.
The 2022 DLDday theme is Growing with DLD, highlighting that DLD is a lifelong, permanent disability.